Let’s Do This!

Hello, everyone!

It’s nice to finally get the chance to see you all in person!  Today we will have the opportunity to get to know one another by participating in some introduction and community building activities, as well as collaborating in several group activities.  Then, we’ll click on the Blogging link and get started on our journey…

We’ll start by looking at the various perspectives on technology integration, and give you the opportunity to participate in a role-playing activity.  Next, we’ll look at the importance of standards and analyze how everything that you teach is ultimately determined by them.  After that, you’ll examine a Google lesson plan or two and see how to actually incorporate technology into your daily learning.

Finally, you’ll spend a bit of time looking at the uses of blogs in the classroom and ultimately begin to create your own blog.  You’ll then use this blog to link to your classmates, post your weekly reflections, and link to your classroom assignments and projects.  It will become the storehouse of your experience in this class and will ultimately serve as a valuable portfolio of your technology experience.

Our class time will be full of active learning methods and incorporate a balance of high and low tech approaches.  The focus will be on interaction with peers and learning how to problem-solve without the assistance of the instructor.  As teachers, you will have to become your own tech support, relying upon your own wits and resources to solve the inevitable problems that invariably come up.

When you are ready to begin take a look at this infographic to examine how undergraduates use technology, what you prefer, and how you want your teachers to use it. Would you agree? What does this mean for you as future professional educators?


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