Defining 21st Century Learning

Today after reviewing our blogs, we will dive into the meanings of digital teaching, a digital learning, and digital environments.  How does a 21st century educator redesign education to connect to the realities of a 21st century student?  Effective technology use incorporates what Prensky (2011) called the verbs vs. nouns metaphor to avoid confusing essential content basics with teaching methods. One the one hand, verbs are essential skills like critical thinking, communication, or problem solving.  Some essential skills are perennial and have changed little over the years, most however,  depend on context and environment.    On the other hand, nouns are tools, which are the technologies to learn and practice those skills.  These tools are constantly changing.   Teachers and students rely upon content and technology standards to understand the important verbs (skills) guiding 21st century learning.  Yet, teachers can have great latitude in selecting the appropriate tools to practice those skills.

Today in class we take a closer look at the desired skills for your age group, then will touch on age-appropriate tools that teachers use with their students.  Remember, learning is done BY people… Teaching is done TO people.

One final reminder- your first major assignment is due next week- your Technology in the Classroom Paper is due by class time.  Please email me (  your paper using this naming format:  LAST NAME_Assignment name_Date.



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